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Darren Criss.

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Joey Richter
Chris Colfer
Curt Mega
Riker Lynch
Cameron Mitchell
Freelance Whales (because what the hell can't they do?!)

What more could you want?

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The Project - Chris Colfer Interview 2012

(aired Wednesday 21st Nov 2012)

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Darren Criss - How To Succeed BTS (x)

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LeakyCon 2012 Call Me Maybe Video - Starkid Edition

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Glee Deleted Scenes


  • The Klaine “Box Scene”  Video | Download
  • “Bridesmaids Scene”  Video | Download
  • The “Hello 12 Scene”  Video | Download
  • The “Warblers I Want You Back Scene”  Video | Download
  • The Santana “Coming Out Scene”  Video | Download
  • “Rachel’s Yearbook Message To Kurt Scene”  Video | Download

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Blue Devils “Cabaret Voltaire”

First time I saw this at walnut I was like.. wtf? Then I went to rcc and now the freaking show is growing on me. I still have no idea what’s going on tho LOL

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  • “i don’t work out”
  • “i get ready in six and a half minutes”

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Team StarKid With Darren Criss: A Day in the Life in Photos

Oh thank gosh.  Billboard already took down the two on the bottom left and I was kicking myself for not having already saved them.

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